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Remix Workouts Hand Weights

1.99 usd

Build endurance and strength while losing pounds and inches with Remix Workouts’ short, intense and always-changing circuits. Exercise at home or on the road with this do-anywhere total body workout. Throughout your workout, you will hear and see which moves are coming up next and how much time is remaining in each circuit, plus inspiring quotes to keep you motivated—all the benefits of a personal trainer without the cost!FEATURES:
* One of Huffington Post’s Top Ten Fitness Apps* Over 7,000 different weight-training routines possible—never do the same workout twice!* Step-by-step expert instruction for every exercise—no more guessing which moves to do or how to do them!* Customized workouts for every fitness level* Real-time videos showing every exercise* Work out anywhere—all you need is hand weights and a mat* Stay motivated—unlock reward moves as you progress
NO ADS in the app. NO subscription.
Read text under Before You Begin and get started!
Troubleshooting your app
Problem: No SoundSolution: If your device has a mute button, please make sure it is turned off so voice instruction may be heard.
Problem: Device goes to sleep during the workoutSolution: Change your display sleep time on the phone or tablet. We are working on a solution to this issue in our next update.
Problem: Not sure how the app works, or how to see a preview of an exercise before you build your workoutSolution: Take the time to read the text under the "Before You Begin" button.
Need more help? Email us at We will answer you as soon as possible so you can exercise as soon as possible!